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Meet A Photographer - Kalpana Chatterjee

Your Name: Kalpana Chatterjee

What are you called by: [nick name, if any]: Kals

Your online presence: website, blog, portfolio?

Words that describe you:
Characteristically, I am bold and honest about what I do. Apart from that I am a Mother, Home Maker and a Photographer. Of late, my passion for photography has become more of an addiction.

What's in your camera bag? [Camera, lenses etc.]
Canon EOS 450D and EOS t2i REBEL (550D), lenses Canon 27 – 70 L, Canon 24 - 105 L, 50 mm 1.8, 18 – 55 kit lens, 55 – 250 telephoto, 10 – 20 sigma WA, Some ND filters and polarisers.

When did you started with photography?

How did you learn photography? Your learning curve?
The instinct to capture what I see has always been inherent. However, my learning curve has to do more with training my eye and identifying opportunities and frames to capture. It is in this department that I feel that I have improved the most. It would be wrong to say that I am a self-taught photographer as I have been influenced by many greats in the business. However, for the records, I have had no formal training.

What make you/ or when you decide to become a photographer?
After experimenting with numerous interests, I have stuck on to photography for a couple of years now. Needless to say, my persistence with the art of taking pictures is fallout of my ardent endeavor to showcase what i see through my viewfinder. I began this journey with a simple point and shoot camera as my companion. As I tread on this path, every leaf, flower or insect would be framed. The monotony of the subjects I captured did not deplete my enthusiasm. Consequently, I came across some extremely competent photographers, who groomed me into a more mature artist. As a logical outcome, my gear underwent an upgrade and gradually I unearthed the finer aspects of the art. My frames had grown beyond my garden and I had taken a keen interest in the field of people photography.

What is photography for you? (crap/passion/extra income/anything you think)

Your own, one most favorite photo?
Have too many...

One would be tough to choose!

What kind of photography (genre) interests you more? (landscape/nature/wildlife/people/street)
People, landscape, fashion, street

Do you prefer to publish your photos online?
I do, that's the only way one can showcase oneself without effort.

Your favorite place/ area to shoot – a city, country, or even a specific place.
Currently, enjoying LADAKH... Havent had enough of it yet to even compare another destination.

Your inspiration in photography?
I connected with people online and met stalwarts there. Some I got a chance to meet too.Some of them are inspirations like Steve Mc curry,Cyrus Khamak, Doug Fish, Hari Menon, Subir Basak, Anirban Chatterjee. David Smith, Patrick Smith, Alonso Diaz, Nisha Kutty, Tarun Khiwal, Pravin Talan,Atul Kasbekar,Rathika Ramaswamy, Anoop Negi, Akbar Simonse

Do you believe in post-processing? Why?
YES, 100%
"I acknowledge that there are many professional photographers out there who are just as skilled and each have their own style and technique. Some are technical perfectionists too. I am not. To me,Photographing is pure pleasure. I have thrown aside the basics such as aperture, f/stops, depth-of-field, and other technicalities at times, not always though. I have remembered them, but not let them get in the way of my pleasure. In the process realized that some photos can be technically perfect and yet lack soul, for which I have had to pimp up the pixels and enhance my photographs; boost saturation, contrast, sharpness, a minor crop or even removed an ugly twig or power line, but never added things to my shot that wasn't there; because I firmly believe that one cannot turn a BAD photo into a GOOD one with digital enhancing alone.I would rather use the frame within the viewfinder to compose an aesthetically appealing image in the first place."

Which tools, software do you prefer?
Only Adobe Photoshop

Which sites do you follow regularly for photography?, flickr,,

Do you contribute to stock images anywhere?
Yes, Getty!

Your achievements? Articles featuring you?
Awarded and featured on many website including:
Any advice for the aspiring photographers?
Perseverance and hardwork are the key. "BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR WORK!"

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